Kindergarten Readiness: The Skills Kids Need Going Into Kindergarten


Starting your child in kindergarten is an exciting time for everyone involved—but when your child is so young, how do you know it’s the right time to get them started? Will they survive and thrive, or will they struggle to keep up with the other kids? Kindergarten readiness in Phoenix, AZ can depend on the school, regardless of whether it’s a public school or a charter school, but there are some major checkpoints and guideposts you can rely upon to determine whether your kid is ready to go out into the world.

Self-care skills

Many schools won’t let your child enroll in kindergarten until they’ve been potty trained—this is one of the biggest self-care skills that your child needs to learn before they’re ready to be in a learning environment for multiple hours per day. They should also be able to, at a minimum, say their first and last name and their age, as well as generally dress themselves. (If they need help with buttons and shoelaces, that’s okay.)
Your child should also—now more than ever—understand how to wash their hands properly and when that needs to be done.

Language and reading readiness skills

Generally, your child should be able to speak in complete sentences, which can usually (if not always) understood by others around them, whether child or adult. They should be able to “use their words” to explain their needs and desires, both to adults and fellow children, and understand relationships between objects, animals and people—for example, knowing the difference between big and small, first and last or quiet and loud.

Social and emotional skills

It’s hard to say goodbye to Mom, Dad or other caregivers, but your child needs to be able to do so—without getting hysterical or overly upset—in order to be successful in kindergarten. They should also be able to get along with other children in general, although they don’t need to be overly sociable to meet this requirement.

Most importantly, they need to be able to pay attention to an adult for at least five minutes at a time, such as during lessons or when other children are sharing with the class.

Math skills

Kids need to be able to accurately count to 10, and be able to name objects and their number—for example, three blue triangles or five orange squares. They should also know basic shapes and understand the concepts of “more than” and “less than.”

Fine and gross motor skills

Finally, your child’s motor skills are an important part of their kindergarten education. They should be able to run, jump and hop on one foot, be able to bounce a ball and catch it and be able to climb stairs without serious issue.

For fine motor skills, your kid needs to be able to hold a pencil or a crayon appropriately, copy shapes, put together basic puzzles and write at least some letters or numbers.

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