Summary of Governor Ducey’s Executive Order: 2020-41

The executive order recently given by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will affect public and charter schools in Phoenix, AZ. The order, AZ Cares: Flexibility and Funding for Schools and Families Plan, is designed to provide schools with additional resources so they can successfully navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Following is a summary of the funds that have been allocated to education and charter schools in Phoenix, AZ. These allocations are the result of collaboration between leaders across the state, with the goal of keeping the education system in Arizona strong and healthy.

Program funding

Passed in March, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act has alotted a total of $850 million in one-time funding to help stabilize the education system in Arizona during the current health crisis. This includes the AZ Cares: Flexibility and Funding for Schools and Families Plan. Under the AZ Cares plan, at least $270 million in new funding will go to schools. This will include $200 million in Enrollment Stability Grants and $69 million for the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund.

These funds will provide myriad resources for schools to ensure children can still get a solid education during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will allow for learning in the classroom as well as distance learning, giving parents the flexibility to choose the methods that work best for each family.

Specific concerns that will be addressed by these funds include:

  • Getting more teachers into the classroom
  • Providing budget stability for school districts
  • Ensuring more children have access to digital education solutions
  • Closing the achievement gap
  • Allowing distance learning options
  • Encouraging innovation for new and better education methods

Specifically, $40 million has been designated for expanding digital resources to rural communities to close the digital gap. Another $20 million is slotted to provide extra support for schools in high need. Additionally, $6 million is going to the Arizona Teachers Academy to reduce the teacher shortage. The Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind will receive $1 million for vehicles. Leadership development at Beat the Odds Leadership Academy will receive $700,000. Another $500,000 is designated for Teach for America tutoring programs to tutor students in greatest need. Grants will also be available for whichever charter schools in Phoenix, AZ can apply.

PPE provisions

The governor’s act will also go beyond educational resources. The executive order also allows schools easier and quicker access to PPE and other COVID-19 related resources. Schools will be able to purchase these items and get them in the buildings so they can provide a safe educational environment for teachers and students.

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