How To Get More Out of the Online School Experience

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I received an email from a student this week that captures what a lot of students are feeling:

“When will we be going to school? Because when I’m online and at home I don’t have enough energy to do anything. I am a great student when it comes to in-person school. But when it comes to electronics and being at home it’s a different feeling. I don’t know how to change that. I’ve had this problem the whole time and it’s getting me irritated. Because I know I have to do the assignments but I just can’t do them due to the fact that I’m at home.”

The email expressed what so many students (and teachers) are feeling. None of us wants to be doing online school. It just isn’t the same.

Pointe’s Board has decided that we will stay online through the first quarter (October 2nd). They will be meeting in September to re-evaluate based on the latest data from the AZ Department of Health.

Although nothing can really replace the on-campus atmosphere and culture, there are some ‘hacks” you can use to get more out of the online school experience.

Set a specific place to “do” school.
Ideally, use a desk. If you don’t have access to a desk, set up a specific place that you don’t use for anything else (even if it is a corner of your room where you don’t usually sit. If you are consistent, your brain will start to associate being in this place as “being at school.”

Have a morning routine.
Just like you would if you were coming to school. Get up at a consistent time, shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed every morning. It is surprising how much just being dressed for school can help your brain go into “school” mode. Make sure you are getting natural light – open those curtains/blinds!

Get up and move between classes and during lunch!

Be an “active” learner during class.
Ask questions and be involved in discussions. Don’t just leave your camera and microphone off.

Take notes & make “to-do” lists by hand.
Technology is great, but studies suggest our brains retain things more when we write them down than when we type them. Write down questions.

Reward yourself when you complete tasks/get work done.
The reward could be a specific amount doing a favorite activity, listening to music, getting to drink a soda instead of water, etc.

Know that you aren’t alone.
Even the teachers are struggling with online learning. You could even make a project out of encouraging your teachers.

These are a good place to start. Students who want to find more tips can try searching “working from home.” – because that’s exactly what students are doing right now. And just like their adult counterparts, they need to put structures in place to be successful.

Hang in there! One day at a time.

Dr. Jody Williamson Principal, North Pointe Prep

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