What Are the Differences Between Charter Schools and District Schools?

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The Phoenix area has so much to offer a homeowner. The weather is excellent, and the city is gorgeous. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to raise a family, the simple fact is that the state’s education is routinely subpar. Just last September, the state received a dismal D+ in a nationwide ranking of state educational systems. What’s more, Arizona regularly rates among the bottom five states in the country for education. That’s a disservice to Arizona’s millions of students, and it’s a key reason why charter schools in Phoenix, AZ are becoming so popular.

What is a charter school?

You can think of a charter school as being like a private school that the average parent can afford. A charter school is founded, often by a small group of people, to give their children a better education than the one being provided by the local public or district school. A charter school establishes a deal with the state board of education, known as a charter. This missive details the educational philosophy and goals of a charter school.

Once they’re approved, a charter school is held to the same educational standard as a public school, but with two significant exceptions.

Increased flexibility

One of the primary enticements of a charter school is the increased flexibility afforded in the curriculum. Think about it like this: charter schools and public schools are headed in the same direction, but charter schools are allowed to take a different path to reach it.

Greater accountability

Charter schools in Phoenix, AZ aren’t held to the same level of oversight as a typical district school. They’re held to a higher level—much higher. Charter schools must display an increased level of academic production when compared to traditional public schools. In addition to those mathematical benchmarks, charter schools must also demonstrate that they are making good on the goals established in their charter.

Choice is everything

On paper, charter schools sound wonderful, but there is a catch. Because charter schools operate with a level of independence not available to district schools, their quality can vary greatly from institution to institution.

For example, a charter school doesn’t need to guarantee that its class size remains small. They are not even legally required to hire licensed teachers, provided they can demonstrate that they’re hitting their goals. In other words, it’s critical that you vet any charter school before enrolling your child.

The pinnacle of education

When it comes to charter schools in Phoenix, AZ, it doesn’t come any better than Pointe Schools. Since we opened our doors in 2000, we have committed ourselves to excellence in educational pursuits. Our goal is to sculpt your child’s education from the moment they enter the school system until the day they leave for a prestigious university.

Canyon Pointe Academy caters to children from kindergarten through the sixth grade. At the same time, North Pointe Prep delivers robust educational opportunities for children between seventh grade and senior year in high school. Both institutions offer small class sizes, highly-qualified personnel and a course load that prioritizes advanced work for our students. Give us a call or visit us online today to learn more about what Pointe Schools can do for your family.

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