Five Tips for Helping Your Teen Transition to High School

It’s hard enough when kids move between grades. The transition from middle to high school in Phoenix, AZ is a more significant challenge, though—and not just for students, but also for parents and teachers. Follow these tips to help your middle schooler transition to ninth grade with less anxiety and a greater chance of success.

Ease the transition between eighth and ninth grades

High school in Phoenix, AZ is an important time in the life of all students. Developmentally, educationally, emotionally and physically, teens at this age experience so much change. To support them as they move from junior high to high school, put all of these tips into practice:

  • Set up a device parking lot: Teenagers waste hours playing with their smartphones, tablets and computers. We recommend setting up a device parking lot in your home where everyone leaves their electronics during specific times of the day. For example, some families require that devices get parked during dinner and after a certain time each night. Ideally, you’ll set up your parking lot somewhere you can monitor it to ensure everyone is sticking to the rules about devices.
  • Establish a daily routine: Set a daily schedule for every activity your teenager engages in: eating, sleeping, school, extracurricular activities, homework, chores and free time. With firm boundaries and expectations set for your teenager, there’s no argument about how they’re supposed to spend their time. This also minimizes opportunities for them to get bored and find unwanted activities to occupy their time.
  • Show them how to prepare: It’s not uncommon for teens to walk around lost in their own thoughts. Disorganized and messy students who don’t learn about preparedness struggle to submit assignments on time and lose track of important test dates and project deadlines. As you establish a daily routine, ask your teen about when they plan to put their completed homework in their backpack. Make your device parking lot a charging station so your child can’t complain about dead electronics (or use them as an excuse).
  • Work together: When it comes to setting up a device parking lot and daily routine, you want to work together with your child to make these decisions. For example, ask them how much time they think they should play video games after school. Many teenagers struggle with the feeling that their parents still treat them like young children. By incorporating your teenager’s opinion into matters that affect them, like their daily routine, you’re showing them you respect their perspective.
  • Compliment their achievements and growth: As your teenager moves from eighth to ninth grade, take moments to praise the excellent work they’ve accomplished. You noticed they had adjusted well to the new daily routine you established. Let them know you’re proud of them. It might seem minor, but these small moments of recognition build their self-esteem.

At North Pointe Prep, we know how important the years of high school in Phoenix, AZ are to every teenager. Starting on the right foot as a freshman helps your teen establish themselves within the school among their peers and teachers.

Pointe Schools works with families so students get a well-rounded education and experience. To learn more about our high school and middle school in Phoenix, AZ, contact us now.

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