The Most Important Advantages of Charter Schools

Charter schools serve as unique educational opportunities for students and communities. They are developed through taxes by groups of parents, teachers or the community at large, and might be owned by private organizations or run as nonprofit entities. All of these schools must follow policies and guidelines established by local, regional and national educational authorities.
Why send your child to a charter school in Phoenix, AZ over a traditional public school? Here are just a few examples of some of their inherent advantages:

  • Flexible curriculum: Public schools have much stricter regulations with regard to curriculum. Charter schools, however, have the flexibility to alter their curriculum for changing world scenarios, or to focus on improving proficiency in certain areas that will help students beyond school.
  • Online learning opportunities: A lot of public schools were not ready to make the shift to online learning when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, simply because they had never done it before, did not have the proper infrastructure in place and their teachers had not been appropriately trained. Many charter schools, however, specialize in online learning, and can make it either a great supplemental method of schooling or a full educational option in its own right. Students who were already enrolled in charter schools with online learning were able to handle the pandemic-related transition significantly easier than those in traditional public schools.
  • Curriculum designed specifically for kids: With charter schools, parents are able to choose curriculum that is ideally suited for their child. While it might take researching different charter schools to accomplish this, it still allows for a more custom learning experience, and the ability to ensure your child’s education is tailored to their needs and interests.
  • Ideal for individual learners: Charter schools offer more one-on-one learning opportunities and individual learning sessions, which is especially beneficial for children who might have social anxiety. Public schools often have overcrowded classrooms, which means students do not get the attention they need from their teachers. This isn’t an issue you need to be concerned about with charter schools in Phoenix, AZ, where students can thrive thanks to the individual attention they get and the ability to guide their own learning in some instances.
  • Increased community engagement: Charter schools help to get the community more involved in the creation of their learning environments and curriculum. The community atmosphere within charter schools also helps to create a sense of familiarity in children, which is especially important for shy children who might have difficulties being surrounded by a lot of children they might never otherwise talk to.

Are you interested in learning more about how charter schools can be beneficial for your child, and about how the curriculum for charter schools is designed and set? We encourage you to contact Pointe Schools today for more information—we will be happy to answer any questions you have about enrolling in our charter school in Phoenix, AZ and what you can expect from the charter school experience. We look forward to working with you and your child!

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