What to Ask When Considering a College Preparatory School

A college preparatory school is a school with the primary purpose of getting children ready to pursue a college education. While this would ideally be something that occurs in all schools, the reality is that many students will never go to college.

If you’re considering a college preparatory school in Phoenix, AZ for your child, it’s important to spend some time thinking about whether this is the correct path for them, and to research the institutions that they might attend. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Is college right for my child?

Again, not every child will succeed in college, and college is not the only path students can take after high school to find careers or success. If you are going to place your child in a college preparatory school, it is important to be reasonably certain this is a path that is right for them. Do they display independence and interest in education? Have they expressed an interest in higher education? If so, they are more likely to be college bound, and therefore more likely to benefit from enrollment in a college preparatory school.

What does curriculum look like in the school?

It’s important to get as much information as you can about the school’s curriculum. For example, are teachers using Common Core Standards in developing their lesson plans? While the curriculum itself might not look exactly like what you’d see in other public schools in your area, it’s still important to make sure certain standards are being met in the quality of the school’s education.

Which colleges and universities to graduates most frequently attend?

Do most of the graduates from the school go on to four-year universities, or two-year technical or community colleges? Of the four-year universities, which specific schools jump out from the list of graduates? Perhaps most importantly, how many of the prep school’s graduates actually go on to graduate from college? It’s one thing to get students admitted, but it’s another thing to make sure they’re actually prepared for the difficulty of a college education and to set them up for success that will lead to graduation.

What should I know about SAT and ACT testing?

First, you should consider what percentage of students take the SAT or ACT. If it’s truly a prep school, then the majority (if not all) of the students should eventually take these tests, which are required for admission at most colleges and universities around the country. Next, you should ask how students do on these exams. Certain standards of scoring on these tests indicate the school is doing enough to get them admitted into universities.

What does the school’s honors coursework look like?

You should make sure the school offers a healthy selection of honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, as these are the kinds of classes that will best prepare students for the difficulty of a college education.

For more information about choosing a college preparatory school or charter school in Phoenix, AZ for your child that will set them up for success, contact Pointe Schools today to arrange a meeting.

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