How Charter Schools Increase Success in College

If you’re a Phoenix-area parent, there is probably nothing more important to you than making sure your child gets the best education possible. There are so many things to consider when it comes to navigating your child’s education. How do you find the right school for them? Will they do well in Phoenix’s public schools? Can you afford private school for your child? Will they be able to get a better charter school education? And after all of these questions, how will they get into college? What school will they attend, and will they succeed there?

If you are concerned about your child’s education and their success in college, it’s important to know that charter school enrollment is a great first step towards college for many students. Here are some things you should know about charter school education in Phoenix, AZ.

What is charter school education?

Charter schools were developed as a way to improve the United States public education system. Like public schools, charter schools receive government funding, but unlike public schools, charter schools operate independently of established state school systems. Instead of adhering to Arizona state-mandated curriculums and criteria, charter schools are responsible for adhering to the rules and criteria of their own charters. This means they can be much more creative and flexible, offering diverse alternatives for students with different skills, interests and challenges.

There has been a lot of debate about the benefits and failures of charter school education since it started, but one thing seems clear: charter schools tend to do a better job than many of America’s public schools when it comes to helping students graduate while preparing them for success in college and adult life.

An alternative for marginalized students

Charter school enrollment in Phoenix, AZ is particularly attractive to students who live in school districts known for low-performing schools. Especially for marginalized and low-income students who do not have as many resources, charter schools can offer opportunities and experiences which would be far less attainable in their public schools.

Opportunities for low-income students

In the United States, only 9 percent of students who grow up in families that are in the lowest income quartile will manage to graduate with a college degree by the time they’re 24 years old. Compare that with the students who come from high-income families and you can see the incredible problem with our country’s education system: almost 80 percent of students from well-to-do families graduate from college before they reach 25.

According to research done by The Alumni, the graduates of major charter school systems in New York state and Texas have been able to earn four-year post-high school degrees at five times the rate of students who graduated from public schools at the same time.

Charter school education in Phoenix, AZ

Pointe Schools is committed to preparing its students for success in college with a quality charter school education utilizing small class sizes and excellent teachers. If you’re interested in learning more about college preparatory charter schools in Phoenix, AZ, get in touch with Pointe Schools today.

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