Is There a Difference Between Preschools and Daycares?

There are actually many differences between daycare facilities and preschools. If you’re a parent trying to choose the perfect place to take care of your child, then deciding between a preschool and a daycare can be quite difficult. There are many factors that can determine whether your child should go to a daycare or preschool, including their age and what types of lessons you’ll want them to learn.

Whatever you decide, it’s important to do proper research on the preschools and daycare facilities in your area. Always go with a facility that puts their focus on proper child care. If you’re trying to decide between a preschool vs. a daycare in Phoenix, AZ, read on to learn more about their differences and similarities.

Age groups

One of the biggest differences between daycare facilities and pr-schools are the age groups that they’ll enroll. While daycare facilities have a wide range of ages they’ll accept, preschools most often enroll children between the ages of three and five. If you have an infant or an older child, a daycare will probably be the best option.

The only problem with daycare facilities is that your child might not be getting much of an opportunity to interact with children their own age. This could, of course, depend on the specific daycare. Many parents opt to enroll their child in preschool, as it can help them develop the social skills that come from interacting with children their own age.

The lessons taught

The goal of most preschools is to prepare children for school. During preschool, your child will be taught plenty of different skills, including social skills, cognitive skills and more. Preschool lessons are designed to make the transition from home life to school life easier on your child. If preparing your child for kindergarten is a major priority, then enrolling them in preschool is a great idea!

While some daycare facilities will teach your child certain skills, their main focus is usually caring for children while their parents are at work. This is why daycare facilities are a go-to option for parents with infants. You could also research the daycare facilities in your area and see if they also work to educate older children.

Hours of operation

Since daycare facilities serve primarily as a place for children to be cared for while their parents are at work, their hours can vary. Many daycare facilities will watch children later in the day, allowing their parents time to pick them up after work. Some daycare facilities will even work with your schedule, which can give you some added peace of mind.

Daycare and preschool similarities

While there are many differences when it comes to preschool vs. daycare facilities in Phoenix, AZ, it’s important to know about their similarities as well. They both have caregivers on staff that will work to provide proper care for all children. Both are also great options for children who need some extra stimulation and social interactions.

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