Why Teacher-Student Relationships Matter

At the top schools, the days of teachers droning on about a subject from the front of the classroom are over. Instead, teachers are more interactive with their kids. The collaborative environment has proven to increase student engagement and promote better learning.

This new teaching style has a much deeper impact, though: It creates lasting teacher-student relationships in Phoenix, AZ. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of the teacher-student relationship we strive to provide at Pointe Schools:

  • Provide emotional support: Today’s teachers need to be emotionally supportive of their students. By having a tight bond with their teacher, the children know they can go to the teacher with any problem or concern they may have. This bond isn’t always quick or easy to form, so teachers must continually work at it.
  • Encourage a love of learning: When the bond between a teacher and their students is strong, children are more likely to enjoy going to class and will continue to love learning throughout life. This love of learning will clearly help out in the short term, but it also has many long-term benefits as the children grow into adults.
  • Improve classroom behavior: Acting out in the classroom is common, especially when students feel frustrated or angry—even if it has nothing to do with school. We’ve seen that after a strong teacher-student relationship is formed, kids are less likely to misbehave and are more likely to stay attentive throughout the day.
  • Enhance teacher’s skills: A teacher-student relationship isn’t simply about student development in Phoenix, AZ: As a teacher forms tight bonds with each of their students, we see the teacher’s ability to both instruct and nurture students grow. So a teacher-student relationship is truly mutually beneficial.

How Pointe Schools improves the teacher-student relationship

As leaders in student education, we’re committed to continually improving teacher-student relationships in Phoenix, AZ. Here are a few ways we foster those relationships:

  • Smaller class sizes: A teacher trying to form tight bonds with 24 children (the average elementary school classroom size in Arizona) just isn’t possible. At Pointe Schools, our classroom sizes are much smaller than in an average school, which means each student receives the attention they deserve and tight teacher-student bonds can be formed.
  • Hands-on learning: Thanks to smaller class sizes, we’re able to promote hands-on learning throughout the day. In addition to helping kids learn, hands-on instruction is conducive for teachers to form long-lasting relationships with each of their students.
  • Empathetic teachers: The top way for teachers to form relationships with their students is to empathize with them by seeing things from their perspective. We only hire the best and brightest teachers who have proven to possess the all-important skill of empathy.

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