Are There For-Profit Charter Schools?

There has been a lot of controversy over the past few years surrounding charter schools. One reason politicians, parents and teachers are against charter schools is that they believe there are for-profit charter schools in Phoenix, AZ. These folks are misinformed, and there’s evidence to prove it! Charter schools, by their very nature, are non-profit institutions.

Where does the myth come from?

Just like many myths, this one about for-profit charter schools wasn’t made up out of thin air. The myth stems from the fact that 40 percent of charter schools are run by charter management organizations (CMOs). These companies can provide legal and financial support and staff training and can even help with overall school administration.

While most CMOs are non-profit groups themselves, some operate for profit. Just like the non-profit groups, the for-profit groups act in a management capacity and typically have nothing to do with the school’s actual charter.

Not only are these charter school myths in Phoenix, AZ patently false, but schools with some involvement with CMOs often outperform independently-run charter schools and district schools.

Benefits of choosing a charter school

Now that we’ve dispelled one of the biggest charter school myths in Phoenix, AZ, we’ll cover a few reasons to enroll your child in one. Here are a few reasons to choose a charter school over a district school:

  • Smaller classrooms: One of the biggest benefits of a charter school—particularly at Pointe Schools—is that we have much smaller class sizes. With a class of only a dozen or so students, teachers can spend more individual time with each student. With more personal time, students often receive a more thorough lesson than they’d get elsewhere.
  • Promotion of inclusion: Charter schools place emphasis on inclusion and group involvement, which we believe fosters educational and social growth. Additionally, charter schools tend to have fun and engaging clubs not offered by traditional schools. With more community involvement with their peers, children often turn out to be much more successful students than their peers in district schools.
  • Real-world learning: District schools must adhere to strict curricula that are approved by the states before being taught by the teachers. Because our teachers don’t have to adhere to those same standards, they’re able to adapt their lesson plans to apply real-world skills that might otherwise be left out of a traditional public school.
  • No red tape: Going along with the point above, teachers at charter schools don’t have to deal with the bureaucracy faced by traditional public school teachers. If we see a problem with a lesson plan, we can correct it immediately. In a district school, the teacher may have to wait until the following school year to amend the issue.

Enroll in Pointe Schools today!

Dispel the myth of for-profit charter schools in Phoenix, AZ, and embrace charter education by enrolling your child in one of our campuses today. Fall semester will be here before we know it, so contact us today to get started with the enrollment process.

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