Six Ways to Make Summer Count!

Sure, summer is a good time to relax, spend lazy days by the pool and soak up the sun at the beach. But you can have a little fun and also have a productive summer. Don’t let the summer slip away without furthering your education, future career and life experiences! Here are six ways to have a productive summer and still enjoy the season.

Become a volunteer

Check out your local nonprofit organizations to learn about any volunteer opportunities available. You can learn about the nonprofit and what community problems it helps to solve. As you volunteer, you’ll gain new skills and leadership experience. You’ll meet new people and make new friends. Additionally, you may even be able to get high school credit for your volunteer hours.

Get vocational experience

A summer job has several benefits. You’ll have money to spend and save. You’ll learn new skills. You may also be able to earn vocational or elective credits for your work experience. You can do all this while having a productive summer by working a few hours each week.

Earn PE credits

What summer activities do you enjoy? Consider taking a martial arts class or dance class, or track your own independent physical activity such as walking or running. You’ll keep your body in better shape, learn something new and maybe even get gym credit at school for your summer activities. This is a great way to make your summer count, in multiple ways.

Explore new worlds

What travel experiences could you pursue this summer? Consider exploring a new city or region. Learn about a different culture. Try new foods and traditions. By the end of the summer, you will have made some great memories while expanding your cultural horizons. There’s also the possibility of social studies or cultural credits at school.

Immerse yourself in words

Your productive summer doesn’t have to be all “go, go, go!” There’s also time for relaxing and enjoying a good book. Check with your English teacher to get a list of recommendations, then dive in. You can explore all kinds of topics and immerse yourself in amazing stories, and possibly earn school credit while you’re at it.

Get ahead, or catch up

Another way to have a productive summer is to enroll in summer courses. You can use the season to get ahead in your coursework, take an elective that you don’t have time for during the school year or retake a course if you need to catch up in a certain subject.

Jump into summer

Check out the many opportunities for summer activities at Pointe Schools. Learn how to earn credits and have a productive summer while also having fun. We’re here to help students maximize their learning potential and enjoy the best educational opportunities available. Our staff partners with students to find the right programs and summer activities to enrich learning and life experiences for each student’s skills and interests. Contact our helpful staff today to learn more about how to make it a productive summer. Reach us at 602-843-2014.

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