What Are the Differences Between Charter Schools and District Schools?

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The Phoenix area has so much to offer a homeowner. The weather is excellent, and the city is gorgeous. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to raise a family, the simple fact is that the state’s education is routinely subpar. Just last September, the state received a dismal D+ in a nationwide ranking of state educational systems. […]

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How To Get More Out of the Online School Experience

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I received an email from a student this week that captures what a lot of students are feeling: “When will we be going to school? Because when I’m online and at home I don’t have enough energy to do anything. I am a great student when it comes to in-person school. But when it comes […]

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Summary of Governor Ducey’s Executive Order: 2020-41

The executive order recently given by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will affect public and charter schools in Phoenix, AZ. The order, AZ Cares: Flexibility and Funding for Schools and Families Plan, is designed to provide schools with additional resources so they can successfully navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19. Following is a summary of the […]

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How to Save for College

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While your child is attending a charter school in Phoenix, AZ, one of the top things on your mind is probably the future of the child’s education and career. For many, the road to success will include attending college. Of course, this requires significant financial investment. To ensure you have the necessary funds to send […]

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Our Approach to Homework

“Homework” the word can send a chill running down the spine. When many of us were kids, homework—and piles of it—were considered the norm. We’d go to school and learn new things, and then go home to face a pile of assignments meant to reinforce those lessons. For many families, homework became a source of […]

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