Educational Resources for Families

While Arizonans are being urged to stay at home (and, honestly, who wants to be outside when it is 107 degrees out?), finding sources of education and entertainment for children stuck inside is important. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of educational resources families may enjoy during the summer. Reading, writing and virtual […]

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Kindergarten Readiness: The Skills Kids Need Going Into Kindergarten


Starting your child in kindergarten is an exciting time for everyone involved—but when your child is so young, how do you know it’s the right time to get them started? Will they survive and thrive, or will they struggle to keep up with the other kids? Kindergarten readiness in Phoenix, AZ can depend on the […]

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Choosing a School: Where to Start as a Parent

Choosing A School

Choosing the right school for your child is a lot more fraught now than it once was. Before 1995, parents simply sent their child to the school designated by their zip code—but now they have a choice between public, private, public charter, Montessori schools and more in Phoenix, AZ. It is often overwhelming for parents […]

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The Importance of Recess and Play at School

For many elementary students, recess is a one of the highlights of their day. We probably all remember the desire to get out of the classroom and play with our friends, just as many of us look forward to breaks from work or other projects. If your child declares their favorite part of the school […]

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The Value of Social and Emotional Learning

Students go to school to learn academics and skills they will need as they grow up. But students need to be ready to learn. That is why one of the jobs that children have is to learn to manage themselves in a variety of situations. Students often learn how to connect with others in school. […]

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