Canyon Pointe Academy in Phoenix, AZ

Canyon Pointe Academy was established in 2002 and serves as a pathway to North Pointe Prep charter high school in Phoenix, AZ. The school welcomes pre-kindergarten through sixth-graders, encouraging them to take an interest in education from an early age. Students are supported by a well-rounded curriculum, passionate teachers and a close-knit campus that values individualism.

Accelerated Learning Opportunities

To prepare students for charter high schools in Phoenix, AZ, Canyon Pointe Academy emphasizes advanced, well-rounded curricula. Each grade level brings new challenges for students, along with passionate teachers dedicated to helping them overcome them. We demand a lot from our students, but we make sure to give them all of the help and tools they need to succeed.

Curricula cover math, science, language arts, and social studies. Students are exposed to hands-on learning opportunities in fun environments that make learning exciting! Our mission is to foster goodwill toward education and encourage students to embrace their education from a young age.

Parent Involvement Opportunities

The only thing stronger than a great education is the support of parents. Canyon Pointe Academy encourages parents to take an active role in their child’s education—and we provide plenty of opportunities to make that happen. Be sure to ask us about family events, volunteer opportunities, and other upcoming events.

Instilling Knowledge, Character, and Leadership

Canyon Point knows that education goes beyond the classroom. That’s why our standards are set high, with the firm belief that higher standards will lead to higher student achievement in everything they apply themselves to. We focus on cultivating core characteristics to help them succeed in all that they do.

  • Knowledge:
    Canyon Pointe students receive a superior traditional education with a “classical” emphasis. This involves teaching time-tested knowledge and skills in history, languages, literature, math, reading, science, and the arts.
  • Character:
    The value of responsibility, virtue, punctuality, obedience, compassion, orderliness, self-control, and other positive universal character traits are systematically taught and modeled across the curriculum.
  • Leadership:
    Leadership skills are emphasized throughout the course of study and specifically taught and modeled. Practical opportunities for applying these skills are provided throughout the year.

Learn More About Canyon Pointe

Interested in learning more about Canyon Pointe Academy and our curricula? Contact Canyon Pointe Academy directly at 602-896-1166 or visit the school website at We’re ready to help your child realize their zest for learning and give them an education they’ll embrace with enthusiasm.

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