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5940 West Union Hills Drive Suite B-100
Glendale, Arizona 85308


Pointe Schools

Pointe Schools was founded on the need to create a school environment that would support parents as they built character and leadership qualities in their students, provide an excellent education and be financially accessible to everyone. In the fall of 1999, Pointe Educational Services was formed as a non-profit corporation, in order to open and operate an independent public school. In 2001, North Pointe Prep (grades 7-12) opened and in 2002, Canyon Pointe Academy (grades K-6) and Pinnacle Pointe Academy (grades K-6) opened.

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10215 North 43rd Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85051

4941 West Union Hills Drive
Glendale, Arizona 85308

6753 West Pinnacle Peak Road
Glendale, Arizona 85310

10215 North 43rd Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85051
(on the North Pointe Campus)

Pointe Educational Services Corporate Board Meeting

Agenda for January 24, 2019

Pointe Educational Services Corporate Board Meeting

Agenda for November 28, 2018

Pointe Educational Services Corporate Board Meeting

Agenda for November 16, 2018

Teacher Salary Increases for the 2018-2019 School Year

For the 2018-2019 school year, Pointe Schools adjusted the annual salary for first year certified teachers from $34,500 to $39,000. In addition to all returning teachers receiving a 10% annual salary increase, returning teacher salaries were increased to reflect the new starting pay. For example, a teacher who just completed their first year at $34,500 will be making $39,800 for the 2018-2019 school year - a 15.36% increase. For the past 10 years, while the legislature was defending education, Pointe Schools teachers received a 3% raise each year. With the new funding for 2018-2019 school year, Pointe Schools is investing a total of $182,189.92 towards raises.

2017-2018 Average Teacher Salary

2018-2019 Average Teacher Salary

Year-Over-Year Increase
12.835 %

Average Teacher Salary 2-5 years

Average Teacher Salary 6-9 years

Average Teacher Salary 10+ years

Arizona State Retirement

Since Charter Schools are not required to participate in the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS), comparing teacher salaries can often be similar to comparing apples to oranges. Unlike many Charter Organizations who do not participate in ASRS, Pointe Schools matches the 11.64% employee contribution to retirement. That means a first year certified teacher making $39,000 receives an additional $4,539.60 in ASRS contribution for a total annual compensation of $43,539.60.