North Pointe Prep in Phoenix AZ

Opened in 2001, North Pointe Prep welcomes grades seven through twelve, teaching middle and high-school level students. Since opening, the school has been consistently ranked by U.S. News and World Reports as one of the best high schools in America.

Our public charter school in Phoenix, AZ emphasizes advanced academics and encourages students to demonstrate scholastic and behavioral excellence in all that they do. As they graduate and move into the next phase of life, North Pointe Prep students will be confident in the foundational knowledge, character development and leadership skills they learn at our school.

Accelerated Learning Opportunities

Our curriculum is far ahead of other public charter schools in Phoenix, AZ. The expectations for students at North Pointe Prep are high, but we provide every resource and opportunity our students need to rise and meet the challenge. From after-school scholastic programs to advanced placement college prep courses, we empower students to take command of their education and rise to their highest potential.

Our curricula across each grade level focus on math, science, language arts, and social studies. Students at North Pointe Prep are exposed to advanced concepts before their peers, to ensure they excel at state standardized tests and in placement tests for college.

Academics Arts, Athletics, and Activities

We believe students are only fully prepared for college after they have been involved in a broad range of rich school experiences. We embrace a student-centered culture that is anchored in the core belief that a motivated student, who wants to be here, will learn!

Our culture is focused on the 4 A’s: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Activities. In providing a diverse and robust range of opportunities for students, we challenge them to discover the pursuits that speak to them and take full advantage of them. This includes programs like band, orchestra, chorus, performing arts, speech and many more.

As one of the largest charter schools competing in the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA), the North Pointe Falcons have won 8 Athletic State Championships and North Pointe performers have won 19 Arts State Championships!

Learn More About North Pointe Prep

To learn more about North Pointe Prep and our focus on academic and personal excellence, please contact the school directly at 623-209-0017 or visit the website at

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