Pinnacle Pointe Academy in Phoenix AZ

Pinnacle Point Academy was founded in 2002 and supports kindergarten through sixth-grade students. As a charter elementary school in Phoenix, AZ, It’s a feeder school for North Pointe Prep and a starting point for your child’s journey into a lifetime of learning. Built on small class sizes with close-knit interactions, it’s the place where students discover their passion for education!

Accelerated Learning Opportunities

The benefit of enrolling your child in charter elementary schools in Phoenix, AZ is the exposure to advanced learning opportunities. Students at Pinnacle Pointe consistently learn concepts earlier than their peers, through methods that encourage better retention and links to more advanced topics.

Our curricula cover the gamut of math, science, language arts, and social studies, giving students a well-rounded education they can take with them as they progress through their educational career. Thanks to small class sizes, students are always getting the individualized attention they need. As they progress through grade levels and into high school and secondary education, they’ll feel confident and knowledgeable about the wide range of topics.

Parent Involvement Opportunities

Education extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. That’s why we heavily encourage parents to be active and involved in their children’s education. Pinnacle Pointe hosts numerous opportunities for parents to get involved beyond helping with homework. Be sure to ask about volunteer opportunities, family events and much more.

Leave Your MARK

Character development is at the very core of Pinnacle Pointe’s culture. It’s woven throughout the curriculum, encouraged in athletics, arts, and activities, and demonstrated during Pinnacle Cares events. Students are challenged to realize that every thought, every word, and every action is an opportunity to leave their MARK.

  • Make an Impact: Become a person who serves others
  • Accept New Challenges: Become a person who takes risks
  • Release Positivity: Become a person who encourages others
  • Keep Your Focus: Become a person who makes good decisions

Learn More About Pinnacle Pointe

For more information about Pinnacle Point Academy or to schedule a campus visit, please contact the school directly at 623-537-3535. Or, visit the school website directly at Let us show you the power of small classrooms and their ability to produce big ideas!

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